My name is James Royal and I’m a Software Leader, Architect & Engineer with 15+ years of product engineering, development, and architecture experience.

“Average engineers - these engineers would just like to be left alone.

Good engineers - really want to be coached.

Great engineers - Want to be told the truth, and these engineers are always seeking the truth in terms of what they can do — character, attitude, competition, and technical execution; Honing their skills to get better every day. These elite engineers showcase true software craftsmanship in every aspect of their work.”, James Royal

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Director of mobile Software Engineering


Jan 2020 – Apr 2022 Estero, FL

Responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for leading, coaching, and hiring a global mobile operation comprised of five locations. Baton Rouge LA, Bannockburn IL, Estero FL, Dublin Ireland, Krakó w Poland. Liaising with procurement and corporate finance business partners to support the ongoing mobile transformation.
  • Lead staff augmentation, migrating away from an IBM outsourced team to sourcing Hertz full time employees. Significantly reduced product spend and run rate while also increasing engineering technical competencies and effectiveness. Partnered with procurement and corporate finance business partners.
  • Established mobile engineering standards and best practices and set daily expectations to achieve success
  • Designed, architected and delivered a complete technical rewrite of Hertz’s flagship B2C Mobile Offering “Hertz Rent A Car”. Migrating from Swift 3.1 - Swift 5x. Reducing application crashes from 3000 per day to a manageable 5 - 10 per day. Positively impacted Customer Satisfaction which improved a 1 star app to become a 5 Star app. Reduced call center daily volume for mobile incidents. Improved App store rankings in the Travel Category up from a 100+ rank to 35 - 45 on average.
  • Introduced Mobile observability via Dynatrace and standardized the engineering process, providing the necessary visibility into production incidents improving mobile SLA’s
  • Introduced CI/CD with Fastlane, enabling the team to deploy to the app stores without engineering involvement. Bringing the mobile engineering initiative into SOX Compliance.

Director of Development Operations Engineering


Jan 2020 – Apr 2022 Estero, FL

Responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for leading, coaching, and hiring a Dev/Ops team to support engineering and product development.
  • Lead the team to migrate our Kubernetes cluster and Docker containers out of IBM cloud private and into AWS EKS saving $1M IBM licensing cost.
  • Lead the team in the development and support of five engineering environments, Dev, QA, Staging, Pre Prod, and Production
  • The team was responsible for development and maintenance of CI/CD Pipelines utilizing Jenkins.
  • Achieved full ephemeral deployments enabling success of the IBM cloud private migration to AWS EKS.

Director of Security Mobile Engineering


Jan 2020 – Apr 2022 Estero, FL

Responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for leading mobile security and standardizing Hertz mobile enterprise security posture.
  • Lead a team to implement Imperva endpoint protection surrounding our mobile and cloud based production environments.
  • Advocated for mobile security best practices standardizing SSL signing supporting mobile cipher suits
  • Coached the team on the differences of asymmetric vs symmetric cryptography and certificate pinning and how best to implement a security posture which is complementary of Mobile.
  • Lead security incidents, bot attacks, and brute force attacks to our mobile endpoints. Adjusted our security posture to mitigate future attack vectors.

Solution Architect


Aug 2019 – Dec 2019 Austin, TX
Led the Authentication redesign for Resido’s Ecommerce store. Migrating the product away from a legacy salted password modal to OAuth 2.0

Enterprise Engineer & Architect (Cloud & Mobile)


Jun 2014 – Jul 2019 California
  • Designed, architected, and delivered a ubiquitous Property Management Solution (PMS) to integrate with cloud and on-premise web services. Opera Cloud, Opera OWS, and OPERA Suite 8

  • Architected and lead development of microservices as a creative solution for OPERA Cloud peripheral hardware integrations which supports (RFID, OCR, and Credit Card Readers)

  • Managed the re-platforming of OPERA Cloud Mobile introducing new design patterns

  • Development lead for Hotel Mobile applications targeting over 370,000 hoteliers

    • Managed global team members (Berlin Germany, Hyderabad India.) to ensure development consistency and timelines were met
    • Design and implementation of REST APIs for security module with OAuth2 based protection
    • Increased performance by implementing a contemporary solution to reduce latency
  • Innovated mobile solutions leveraging ORACLE’s J2EE Framework to interface with external devices:

  • Steered ORACLE Hospitality strategy towards a native implementation of its core mobile hospitality products

  • Ingenico Credit Card Readers, Ingenico RFID Readers, and Optical Character Recognition interfaces

  • Led code reviews ensuring coding standards and defined best practices

    • Ensure the use of comments, prevent daisy-chaining code, create documentation
    • Created a risk controlled environment based on OWASP security standards
  • Delivered prototype solutions to test immersive user experience concepts and models

    • Wearable technology and beacons
  • Created architectural standards and managed code repository, branching and code reviews


Mobile & Cloud Software Engineer

Florida Gulf Coast University

Jan 2012 – Jan 2015 Fort Myers, FL

Responsibilities include:

  • Managed a team of five engineers to develop a B2C solution leveraging a comprehensive AWS architecture for a University Learning Management System.
  • Managed the design and implementation of a mobile LMS solution utilizing the following technologies: Dependency Management, Instruments, Objective C, Version Control, OAuth, Restful Web Services, and MVC
  • Managed the design and implementation of a cloud-based infrastructure within Amazon’s Web Services utilizing AWS EC2, and AWS SES
  • Responsible for the management of three cloud servers: Ruby on Rails, PSQL, and Redis
  • Facilitated provisioning profiles and code signing certificates via Apple’s developer portal.
  • Facilitated code testing and quality assurance utilizing Apple’s Test Flight binary distribution system.

Mobile Software Engineer


Jan 2011 – May 2012 Columbus, OH

Responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for the development of mobile applications targeting both iOS and Android mobile platforms
  • Worked in a team environment and successfully launched two applications
  • Designed solutions to authenticate, authorize and consume Restful Web Services Objective C OAuth

Technologies Used: OAuth 2.0, Xcode, Obj C



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